KLEAN Initiatives

2022 Initiatives

Emergency Notification (Lead: Zoe Williams, Hawaii Gas)

KLEAN has partnered with Hawaii Gas to leverage the Nixle Additional Engage System. This has allow KLEAN members to access Nixle to broadcast emergency and non-emergency communication to subscribers. We have developed a premise for use, subscription and activation protocols. The service has been publicized and subscribers and member companies have been trained on how to use the system in the event of an emergency. All members of KLEAN have access to use the Nixle system.

KLEAN’s 2020 Emergency Resource Guide (Lead: Jon Shear, ReadyZoneHQ)

We have updated our previous 2012 Emergency Resource Guide, replacing it with our most recent 2020 version. This guide contains various resources for both emergency and non-emergency situations for businesses in the Campbell Industrial and Kapolei Business Parks. This guide provides the means for businesses, emergency responders, and community members to effectively prepare for emergencies and disastrous situations that may effect their communities. Furthermore, KLEAN’s ERG helps to promote emergency preparedness, support public safety and health, community education, and emergency warning and notification. Click here to view KLEAN’s 2020 ERG.

KLEAN Website (Lead: Corie James, KLEAN Intern)

Our website highlights Kapolei and Ewa districts as our majority area of interest. We have updated our current initiatives and leadership, and provide for on-line inquiries and membership enrollment. There are also details on the site containing information on related monthly news and upcoming KLEAN events.

Internship Program (Lead: Kahi Lee, Hawaiian Electric Company)

At the request of UH West Oahu’s Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management Program, we have partnered with the University of Hawaii system to offer an internship position to qualified students. We would like to play a role in developing future emergency management professionals. Our current Intern, who is a graduate of the University of Hawaii’s Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management program, has been with KLEAN since August 2020.