April is Tsunami Awareness Month!

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the devastating tsunami that struck Hawaii’s Big Island, which caused major property damage and loss of life.   As always, the Hawaii Emergency Management team urges Hawaii residents to remain prepared for a possibly tsunami at all times.

It is important to know the difference between a tsunami watch and a tsunami warning.

  • A WATCH refers to a tsunami not yet being verified, but possibly have been generated and being an hour or so away.
  • A WARNING refers to a possible tsunami having been generated that may be close to your area.

The American Red Cross recommends that in preparation of a tsunami, to go to a place that is at least 2 miles, or 100 feet, above sea level. It is also extremely important to have an emergency preparedness kit ready. For ideas on what to include in your kit, click here. During a tsunami, it is important to stay connected for updates on emergency information. There are various tools such as the NOAA Weather Radio, Coast Guard emergency frequency station, and various other local TV, radio, or media stations available to provide updates on the status of the situation.



For more information on tsunami awareness in Hawaii, Please visit the international tsunami information center here:


For more information on The American Red Cross website regarding Tsunami Preparedness, click here:


You can also view information on KLEAN’s website regarding flood zone maps here: