Kapolei, Hawaii – The Kapolei Local Emergency Area Network (KLEAN) hosted a successful 2019 Tsunami Preparedness Table Top Exercise (TTX) on Friday, May 31, 2019 at University of Hawaii-West Oahu. The exercise included participants from 40 Local, State, and Federal agencies as well as non-profit and private sector organizations. The TTX focused on preparedness, coordination, and response actions based on the threat of a Tsunami impacting the Kapolei community.

The TTX began with opening remarks by Representative Stacelynn Eli (District 43). Representative Eli expressed gratitude for KLEAN’s efforts and urged members to continue preparedness planning efforts in the community.

Zoe Williams, President of KLEAN stated, “Last year we hosted a successful Hurricane Preparedness tabletop exercise that focused on pre- and post-impact hurricane preparedness, coordination, and response actions. This year, we increased our attendance over 10% and engaged a number of new stakeholders to include the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.   Our focus was on Tsunami Preparedness, with a specific emphasis on addressing evacuation planning and coordination issues of concern. We invite interested organizations to continue building partnership with other stakeholders in the community by joining KLEAN.  Please visit www.kleanhawaii.org for membership information. Together we will build a more resilient community.”