Throughout the ongoing outbreak of Cove-19 and the subsequent lockdown, many of our essential workers have been concerned about being pulled over en route to their jobs and cited for breaking quarantine rules. Although these concerns are understandable, and it has been advised by some employers and businesses to always carry work identification and credentials whenever traveling to and from the office, Lieutenant Yin Chan says this may be a greatly overstated worry.

While it is true that fines have been issued for people loitering, or otherwise being out during this shutdown period, we shouldn’t be overly concerned with getting in trouble while traveling around the island. “HPD,” he says, “is not pulling people over to check where they are going.” Officers will only stop vehicles for driving infractions such as speeding, just like they normally would. Even if a routine stop occurs, it is not the policy of our local law enforcement to question drivers about their destinations in order to cite them for breaking quarantine.

It is still advised that you use common sense and good judgement, and not leave the house unless it is necessary. However, in these already stressful times, our essential workers should not have the added pressure of feeling they have to explain their whereabouts to the police while doing their jobs. Be smart and be safe everyone.