During the course of our last meeting we spent a great deal of time discussing the current outbreak that everyone is concerned about across the world, namely the Coronavirus, or COVID 19. It’s clearly something that’s on all of our minds, and an ongoing emergency that we should address.

There is still little known about the virus itself, however it seems clear that the best way to protect yourself against infection, and prevent spreading it further is simply to take common sense measures to practice good hygiene and cleanliness. Washing your hands before handling food, or after touching surfaces like countertops and railings in public places, and whenever using the bathroom, goes a long way. Coughing and sneezing into your sleeve whenever possible, avoiding touching your face, and maintaining a healthy diet and getting sleep will also boost your immune system and help to keep you in good health all around.

Staying at home whenever your health is compromised is also advised. This may be difficult to do while maintaining our work and home obligations, but we have to try to stick to this the best we can to prevent further spread of germs. In other words, we should just do all the things we should already be doing.

Many businesses and organizations are already moving face to face meetings to online or other remote platforms to avoid unnecessary contact with the public. Our own organization will be looking at using online options to conduct meetings, and we should all expect similar trends to continue for the foreseeable future.

Remember that PPE like N95 masks and latex gloves are not necessary to protect you from any sickness, as these tools are primarily to prevent the wearer from spreading infections to others. Just wash your hands and take care of yourself.