Primary Evacuation Route Map

Primary Evacuation Routes

This MAP No. 2-1 can be found on Page 2-9 of Volume 1 OR Page 2-2 of Volume 2 of the 2012 Edition of K.L.E.A.N. Emergency Resources Guide.

Please also refer to Volume 1, Section 2: Emergency Planning, Page 2-5 to Page 2-8 : Evacuation Guidelines and Campbell Industrial Park Evacuation Guidelines.

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Prevailing winds blow toward the southwest 49% of the time. Always heed wind direction when moving away from a hazardous materials spill.

This map depicts evacuation routes that may be designated by the Honolulu Police Department for an evacuation if deemed warranted in an emergency.

See Sections 4 and Section 5 of the C.L.E.A.N. Resources Guide Volume 1 for more information on responses to emergencies.

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