At this month’s KLEAN meeting Lt. Yin Chan (HPD District 8) discussed the island’s increasing number of inquiries and 911 calls regarding unwanted firearms. There are a lot of firearms in the state, and people don’t always know what to do in the event of finding a firearm in the home or inheriting guns from loved ones. He emphasized the importance of following the existing gun laws, registering the firearms under new ownership and applying for a permit, which includes going through a background check. Unwanted firearms can be turned in to any police station, or picked up if you simply call 911 and explain the situation. Officers will come to your home, collect the firearms and issue you a receipt. Guns cannot just be kept around the house, either as a keepsake or for personal use, without properly transferring ownership and registering them with the state. Contact HPD with any questions or concerns.

In 2018, four counties combined received 18070 applications to acquire permits to purchase, with over 43000 firearms registered in the state of Hawaii. 40% of those being rifles and long guns, the rest handguns. With the rise in gun sales and ownership across the country, LT Chan points out the importance of knowing the laws and practicing gun safety. He added that in the recent active shooter incidents at Diamond head and Pearl Harbor the perpetrators did not own firearms they were using, and says that the state is currently looking to close the loophole regarding the loaning of firearms to others.

For more information on firearm handling, registration or recovery, visit the HPD website.