KLEAN Initiatives

2019 Initiatives

Emergency Notification (Lead: Zoe Williams, HawaiiGas/Jason Lehfeldt, IES)

KLEAN is partnering with HawaiiGas to leverage the Nixle Additional Engage System. This will allow KLEAN members to access Nixle to broadcast emergency and non-emergency communication to subscribers. We are in the process of developing the premise for use, subscription and activation protocols. We will soon publicize the service and train subscribers and member companies to use the system, and test and rollout Nixle for KLEAN.

Park-Wide Emergency Exercise (Lead: Annie Lam, Par Hawaii)

Surroundings of the park have changed drastically since our last exercise. A lot can be learned from exercises and drills, and we believe that preparedness in peace time will make our community more resilient. We have selected ReadyZoneHQ to be our 2018 tabletop exercise coordinator. We held a Concept and Objectives Meeting on October 27, 2017 with thirteen business and six local and state agencies in attendance. The TTX is scheduled for March 16, 2018. We encourage as many Kapolei businesses as possible to take part in this event to collaborate and learn together. Please contact KLEAN for more information

KLEAN Website (Lead: Corinne Hiromoto, James Campbell Co./Michelle Harris, RMR)

With the help of SuperGeeks, we have given our website a complete makeover. The new website highlights Kapolei as our expanded area of interest. We have updated our current initiatives and leadership, and provide for on-line events and membership enrollment.

Internship Program (Lead: Jennifer Metrose, Aloha Petroleum)

At the request of UH West Oahu’s Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management Program, we are partnering with the University of Hawaii system to offer an internship position to qualified students. We would like to play a role in developing future emergency management professionals, and we are actively interviewing candidates.