While illegal dumping across the state is not new to the islands, the problem has severely worsened for Oahu among COVID-19 lock downs and restrictions ordered by Governor Ige in March and again in August. “Covid cleaners” are dumping their unwanted goods at spots all across the state. Among popular dumping grounds are behind Waipahu high school, along kapakahi stream, the Sand Island State Recreation Area, Waianae boat harbor, along Thurston Avenue in Makiki, and over 160 other popular areas from Foster Village to Hawaii Kai according to Loria Kahikina, the Director of the Department of Environmental Services.


In addition to the random street dumps, lock downs are prompting people to dump their household items outside of closed businesses such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and other closed donation centers. These centers are receiving an influx of donations, as well as bulky item drop off that they do not accept, causing these companies to have to find a way to dispose of the materials.

Will the surge continue?

The city is encouraging citizens to report any illegal dumping. If you see something, say something. If you would like to report an illegal dump site, you can call (808)768-3203 or email illegaldumping@honolulu.gov to file a report. Please have the following information when you make your report: Your name and contact information, the type and location of the illegal dump site, and any other informative details available.

Additionally, in effort to combat the illegal dumping of trash and bulky items, the Honolulu City Council passed bill 64 in February addressing issues on public streets, sidewalks, and other public places. The bill allows citizens to directly report illegal dumping violations to the City’s Department of Environmental Services(ENV). Individuals may send in personal photos and or videos for evidence, preferably photos of vehicles and their license plate numbers, directly to the city’s law enforcement officers. The City’s Department of Environment Services can be reached at (808)768-3200, and their City and County website to view more information at http://www.honolulu.gov/env/default.html.