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October 25, 2019 – Kurt Tsue, Director of Community Relations at Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO), presented on HECO’s initiatives around emergency preparedness and community resilience.

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Survival Kits

Not sure what to include on your survival gear list? Here are some helpful tips to making it more manageable.

Evacuation Route

Know more than one nearby evacuation route in case the closest or most convenient one is blocked or otherwise unpassable.

Safety Checklists

Being prepared means being equipped with the proper supplies you may need in the event of an emergency.

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Work Credentials and Badges for Daily Travel

Work Credentials and Badges for Daily Travel

Throughout the ongoing outbreak of Cove-19 and the subsequent lockdown, many of our essential workers have been concerned about being pulled over en route to their jobs and cited for breaking quarantine rules. Although these concerns are understandable, and it has...

What Does The COVID-19 / Coronavirus Mean forUs?

What Does The COVID-19 / Coronavirus Mean forUs?

During the course of our last meeting we spent a great deal of time discussing the current outbreak that everyone is concerned about across the world, namely the Coronavirus, or COVID 19. It’s clearly something that’s on all of our minds, and an ongoing emergency that...

Debris Management During a Hurricane

Debris Management During a Hurricane

This month the Hurricane Division of Hawaii Department of Transportation wants us to be aware of the complex and vital task that the state has of debris management during a hurricane or similar catastrophic event. We need to keep in mind that in addition to increased...